Refinishing and Restoration

Bring Furniture Back to Life

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Just getting started in furniture restoration and refinishing? Or a professional finisher looking to up your game? I will get you started by showing you how to identify the different coatings on your furniture and how to vastly improve the appearance without stripping it off–less work with greater rewards.

Sometimes stripping furniture is inevitable so my sessions include information on the best way to choose the correct stripper to safely remove the coating. Once the coating is removed students will be faced with the choices needed for coloring and re-coating this stripped piece of furniture to exact specifications.

Other areas of concern are re-gluing, color matching, how to replace missing veneer, and a variety of helpful tips to make furniture restoration and refinishing rewarding.

Some Topics You Will Explore

  • Learn how to solvent test for the identity of the existing wood coating
  • Identify when refurbishing can be accomplished instead of refinishing
  • Understand different stripper chemistry's for different coatings
  • Understand coloring agents and choice of coatings for application
  • Learn about "spot repair" to repair damage to wood and coatings


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