Finishing New Wood

A Great Place to Begin

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If your goal is to learn what it takes to create that beautiful finish you’ve been looking for on your projects and you are ready to get some "hands-on" time, I can help you gain more confidence with your wood finishing.

Together we will create a finishing curriculum, targeted to accomplish your specific wood finishing goals. You'll leave with your questions answered and your skills enhanced.

Some Topics You Will Explore

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  • Surface Preparation, hand and machine sanding
  • Coloring wood using dyes, stains and dye stains
  • How to choose and apply sealers and topcoats like shellac, lacquer, varnish, urethane and water base
  • Advanced coloring techniques using glazes and toners
  • Hand applied finishes (oils, French Polishing), brushing and spraying
  • Rub out techniques to create sheen and a smooth texture
  • And more…