Why Offer Custom Classes?

As Mitch likes to say, "Without proper education, you don't know what you don't know."

Learning the basics of any trade is critical, especially when time is money. This is especially true for wood finishing. Training will shorten the learning curve, build problem solving skills rapidly and ultimately result in fewer problems. 

Your Class Is Customized to Meet Your Needs

Your customized class will be designed by both of us working together towards your specific goals. One on one instruction with "hands on" learning will zero in exactly on what your immediate concerns are and how to address them.

  • Curriculum we design together to accomplish your specific goals
  • Accomplish more tasks in a shorter time without interruptions
  • One on one training allows us to alter the lesson to fit your questions at any time
  • Specific documentation of techniques and tips for future learning

Targeted Education Saves You Time

One on one sessions allow you to gain more information in a shorter period of time. Your hands on learning will produce questions that concern you and the various types of products you are finishing. 

How much time, energy and material waste is lost by trial and error?

  • Wood Finishing is predictable if you respect it for what it is: A mixture of Art and Science
  • Time is money, the education will pay for itself faster than any tool you have purchased
  • Learn to Participate in the results not just Observe them
  • Shortening the learning curve allows more productive hours per day in your shop


Different Strokes for Different Folks

Not everyone learns the same way. Forty years of teaching wood finishing has taught me how to teach this trade. 

  • I can teach you at your current level of finishing and excel from there
  • I can teach anyone who wants to learn
  • Coloring and coating applications vary, which one fits what you are doing. 

How Will I Benefit From Custom Education?

I want you to be as comfortable with your wood finishing as you are with your woodworking. And I do not want it to take as long to learn as it did for me. 

For the professional or hobbyist, the basics of woodworking is the same. The same is true for wood finishing. 

  • Learn to problem solve 
  • Learn to problem solve BEFORE you have finishing problems. 
  • Understand more about the chemistry you are using in order to adjust for temperature and humidity
  • Time is money in a professional shop
  • Shorter learning time for faster productive shop time, amateur or professional

Customer Reactions From Recent Classes 


Matt D.

"Mitch provides hands-on learning that is easy to learn and fun. Because of the wood training I received from Mitch, I am able to simplify the color matching process, eliminate product waste, and have the confidence I need to execute a wood finishing job correctly."


Tom P.

"I would highly recommend spending a few days in the shop with Mitch, to anyone who has questions about finishing.  Your time will be well spent, and it will only serve to peak your interest in finishing."


Ally S.

"I spent four days working with Mitch as training for my position in exhibits fabrication at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. This was some of the most thorough instruction I have received."