Make and Match Any Color


I have a method of teaching color theory that will take you through the process of making color matching on wood understandable.

Being able to create the exact color is going to require you to understand how to accurately blend colors together for one step coloring. Once you understand that you can learn how to layer color on top of color. There are several techniques available to accomplish color-on-color.

Layering colors allows you to create custom colors, match colors to different species of wood or correct a color that has already been applied. Another useful application of color matching involves fixing faded colors. 


Some Topics You Will Explore

Spot Repair with Kohanek 8.jpg
  • Did you begin with the correct colors? Why did you choose those?

  • Have you taken the dominance of one color over another into consideration?

  • Do you understand the power of the color wheel? Use it!

  • What is the reason the color is wrong?

  • What color(s) are needed to correct the first attempt?

  • Is it possible to correct a color already applied without stripping it off?