Mitch is an amazing instructor and mentor – he has translated a passionate and deep understanding of the art of finishing into a very effective teaching method. He not only gave me immediately valuable tools to elevate my woodwork, he gave me a stronger appreciation for the science of finish work that equips me to continue to improve. His method has allowed me to immediately bid jobs that I would have stayed away from before. It was a very worthwhile investment in my professional career.

David Fitch.
Owner. Heirloom Woodworks


Mitch Kohanek is a skilled instructor with the personality and patience to work with the expert and novice with equal respect.  He is able to logically explain the elements of color, solidify the vocabulary to insure singular communication without confusion, and demonstrate the derivation of complex elements of color generation.

The artful conclusion to intense learning sessions is when the student ably puts all of the newly learned skills together and demonstrates he or she can generate their own color matches.

Mitch is an invaluable resource as a color education professional.

As I look back on the past two years, I know his work with us has had a significant impact in improving our perception of the Color Education process.

Mick Marhevka
Penn Wood Products


Mitch shared two intense days with us using wood stains and finishes. I came with the goal to learn about certain techniques that would add more value to my craft that I was unfamiliar with.  I left with that and much more by learning how to apply basic color theory & how to apply that knowledge to create a custom pallet. I found it to be an extremely knowledgeable and effective experience.

James Mauro
Linda Seegull
Silkwood Floors


The 3 days I spent with you completely changed the way I approached everything related to finishing.  I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on things to improve my skills and business that were totally worthless.

I have so much more confidence now when dealing with employees, vendors, other finishers and of course customers.  Your experience, confidence and intent was obvious during our time together.  You already understood my previous experience in this area based on preliminary questions and you built a curriculum around that information that provided an amazing learning experience.  Thank you so much for that!

Chris Ward


In the short time we spent together in my shop has not only elevated my technical skills, but also changed what I can do creatively with finishes.  I’ve already employed some of the methods we discussed, namely the custom stains we made on walnut.  I have developed a stain that I absolutely love on walnut.

Also, I’ve been able to dial in my gun to spray shellac on most weather conditions above 60 degrees and have been getting coatings that hardly require any work off the gun thanks to going over the spray gun set up ritual.  Finally, the knowledge gained about abrasives have changed the way I sand, enhancing quality while saving time, which almost seems too good to be true.

Thanks again.

Coley Cato


I once again want to thank you for helping me see this subject with absolute clarity and converting my sense of weakness into a sense of confidence. The learning experience was quite enriching.

Among all the important things I learned, the most impact was:

  1. Learning the importance and the relationship of abrasives and matching colors. This was extremely beneficial.
  2. I now have a much clearer understanding on how to use the Color Wheel. It has decreased the amount of time it takes me to duplicate the target color.
  3. Using this knowledge allows me to be able to correct a color that is already applied to wood instead of stripping and refinishing.

I look forward to more opportunities where I can associate with you and work on a common goal.



My first meeting with Mitch was fantastic. He reviewed my goals, what type of items I would be building and my shop capabilities. He was able to narrow my focus and present a process to meet my finishing needs. Not only is Mitch knowledgeable he has a very pleasant teaching style. After one day with Mitch my finishes have improved dramatically. I look forward to future sessions with Mitch and highly recommend him to increase and enrich your finishing skills.

Joel Urch

JD Henley Creations