Americans are dining out more than ever before

The other day, I tried a different tactic while ordering lunch in a well known chain restaurant. I was determined to get out of there having consumed under 400 calories. I opened the menu and could see that I was going to have to work at this. Crispy fried chicken and fries, hamburgers with fries, big combo platters and mega sandwiches served with fries were my choices. Or were they?

It was plain to see that ralph lauren uk I wouldn’t be ordering any of those things if I wanted to keep the calorie count down. They were loaded with calories and fat and they were too big for lunch, anyway.

I looked at the soup selections. There was a cream soup, French onion soup, and a chicken noodle soup. I know that cream soups pack a calorie whallop, and the French onion comes smothered in mozzarella. So the logical choice was a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Not a lot of charisma maybe, but a good solid contender for a low fat, low calorie food. Not bad.

Next, I browsed the side ralph lauren outlet dishes. Even though french fries came with everything on the menu, they were also listed in the sides. What, we need more fries? I picked a garden salad to go with my soup. Now, the thing to watch out for with salads is the dressing. Many dressings can push the calories so far up that you might as well have had the burger and fries instead.

Today, I would not be doing salad dressing. Today, I was going naked (that is, my greens were). Alright, not all the way naked. I’ve learned that a fresh salad sprinkled with lemon juice and a little pepper is a nice fresh way to eat greens. Most restaurants will oblige you if you ask for lemon wedges on the side instead of dressing. If that’s not an option, asking for plain vinegar also works.

This particular time, I had a light sprinkling of red wine vinegar on the salad with a couple of dashes of pepper. It was actually a great salad with romaine, cucumbers, red onions, grape tomatoes, grated cheddar, and some homemade rye croutons. Who knew that a simple side salad could be so good? It was a nice complement to the soup.

Rounding out my meal, I had coffee with my one indulgence half and half. (I couldn’t be completely spartan about the whole thing.)

I didn’t get dessert, but I’ve changed my philosophy about ordering an after dinner treat. It used to be that going to a restaurant was a special occasion, and dessert was part of the celebration. Now that we use restaurants as a substitute for Mom’s home cooking, we don’t need to celebrate at every meal. I save dessert for holidays or birthdays. Keeping desserts for festive events helps keep them special.

After tallying up my meal, not only did it come in at 333 calories and 16.2 grams of fat, but my check was a mere $8.50 not bad on either front. I got out of a restaurant, full and satisfied, for under 400 calories, and I had some extra money to spare.

Arm Yourself With Calorie more Knowledge

Feel lost on what’s really waistline friendly? Even some innocent looking selections can be deceiving, packing more calories and fat than you can imagine. If you have a cell phone that can send text messages or access the web, try Calorie Count Mobile. This free service allows you to look up nutritional information for thousands of foods and menu items on the go.

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For the first time

Consumer expert Clark Howard’s column appears here each Thursday in conjunction with Deal Spotter, a weekly print section in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The December issue of Consumer Reports has taken Hollister UK a close look at eyeglasses retailers, and one of my favorite stores has topped the list of best places to buy a pair of spectacles.

For the first time, Costco Wholesale has been identified as the No. 1 place to buy glasses. According to Consumer Cheap Hollister Reports, Costco’s average price for a complete pair of eyeglasses is $157, while the industry retail average is $200. (In prior years’ surveys, Costco was in second place behind independent local eyeglass shops. Now the indies are taking a backseat to Costco!)

A number of the big chains got horrible scores in the December tally. Penney Optical and America’s Best Contacts Eyeglasses both tied for last place. Their complete prescription eyeglasses (lenses and frames) start at $7, with an additional $5 for shipping. If click here the glasses come as intended and the prescription is right, well, people are just happy as a clam. But if something goes wrong, it’s almost impossible to make it right.

There are a number of other sellers of complete prescription eyeglasses for under $20.

Typically, you’ll pay one fourth to one sixth the usual price with the online sellers versus the traditional retailers. But again, you have the issue of limited customer service after the sale with online glasses transactions. on AM 750 and NOW 95.5 FM News/Talk WSB.

Clark Howard is the ULTIMATE CHEAPO! He always thinks it about price. Cheap glasses are cheap glasses GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR HOWARD! How many times did you have to get them adjusted? Hoe soon did they tarnish? How soon before a lense fell out? How many headaches did you get from the pres. being wrong or the lense not centered?

Try some quality foe a change Mr Howard I don think you ever will cuz you BOUGHT YOUR WIFES WEDDING RING AT COSTCO!

Clark so damn cheap Howard. gezzzzzzzI have owned three pairs of progressive prescription glasses. The first pair($200 from Binyon Optical, after insurance) gave me a headache. The second pair I bought from Zenni for $60, including shipping. I replaced those because I scratched a lens while remodeling the kitchen. My second pair of Zenni glasses cost $40 and were the best, but I lost them. Quality was never an issue. But at $40 a pair, it easy to replace them when they do get damaged or lost.

But my thought was to give it a shot. If it worked, great. If not, I wasn out much. They have great prices along with a really cool program that lets you pick four frames to be sent to your home for free. I had a tough time with the online mirrors (they let you change the size of the glasses to fit your face you can do that in the real world) so being able to try them on at home before I shell out my cash for them is great! They also have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

It no scam to be a member, if you know anything about their business model basically, their PROFIT is from the member fee. All markups on products go to running the stores (rent/salaries/etc) so their prices are AWESOME. I can say enough about how great their stores are and how helpful their staff is. We are HUGE costco members.

You don think retail frames aren made overseas?? Just like your clothes, designer brands included, frames are made over there as well.

The reason online is one fourth to one sixth the price of local chain stores is because the middle man is cut out. Furthermore, ALL stock lenses regardless of online or local retail have UV and Scratch Resistant Coating already in the lenses. When you go local retail, they selling it to you again, so you paying for it and its already there.

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Philippe got his MBA

Every budget shopper knows that dried beans are downright cheap. So when I thinking about inexpensive, but healthful, meals to feed my family (and let’s face it, I spend a lot of time thinking about just that), it’s impossible not to place this versatile little nutritional gem front and center on the menu. Thus, I created “Bean Night.”

It started 10 years ago when Philippe went back to graduate school and we transitioned from having two steady incomes to having suddenly none (plus a very expensive tuition bill and a baby on the way). I watched every penny, so I created a handful of uber cheap dinners that I could feel good about eating meals that cost about $5 to make. My plan was to rotate these extra cheap meals into our weekly menu plan to save money.

Philippe got his MBA, we ate well and we sailed off into the sunset, and it was all thanks to Bean Night. The end. (Just kidding.) But Bean Night did help us stay on budget so we could minimize student loans (for Philippe and for our four daughters, who will undoubtedly need them when they head off to college).

What makes Bean Night such a compelling money saving strategy is that savings are automatic. You don have to think about saving; just plan to have one of your thrifty Bean Night meals each week. To illustrate: If you spend an average of, say, $12 on a dinner (may I be so bold to suggest you watch Ten Dollar Dinners Mondays through Thursdays at 1:3012:30c?), but your Bean Night meal costs only $6, then right there you would save more than $300 a year, nearly effortlessly. If you are imagining a world in which you are stuck drowning in a pot of beans every Thursday in the name of savings, let me share some exciting news: Bean Night isn’t just about beans. You can serve any inexpensive protein to realize the savings: eggs, whole grain pasta, canned salmon (don’t freak) and more. The possibilities are endless. So why do I call it Night if it’s not just about beans? Because it’s fun to say.

Here are 6 ideas to get you started on planning a weekly Bean Night in your house:

1. Serve Eggs At pennies an egg (even the organic ones), this is a protein that is too often overlooked for dinner. When I lived in Paris, I found the French served eggs frequently for an easy dinner, even to company. Pair a simple omelet with a green salad and a tangy mustard vinaigrette (try my Cafe Green Salad). Or maybe serve a quiche (crustless will save even more money). beats by dre Even super soft scrambled eggs with some cheese and a handful of sauteed mushrooms can be an easy, inexpensive dinner (the trick is really low heat and adding a splash of milk just at the end see my Velvet Scrambled Eggs recipe).

2. Go Meatless You can skip meat altogether any day of the week, not just Mondays. Try using whole grain pasta Beats By Dre Studio (read the label to see there’s lots of protein in there) to make my Pasta with Salsa Cruda, an easy no cook tomato caper sauce with a few surprise ingredients. Or pick up whole grain pizza dough (you can even ask at your local pizza restaurant if they’ll sell you some for a buck or two) and make your own pizza like my Grilled Mixed Mushroom Pizza and serve it with a salad.

3. Open a Can of Fish Don’t shy away from this option. Think tuna is for only mayo and bread? Think again. Make my Tuna Bread Salad, or saute up onions, garlic, red pepper flakes, tuna and capers to add Beats By Dre Wireless to spaghetti sauce for pasta. Pick up a large can of canned salmon (full of Omega 3s and lots of calcium) at the drugstore (my secret source for inexpensive canned salmon) and make my Salmon Cakes. Really.

4. Make a Quick Tarte and a Salad Buy a package of frozen puff pastry on sale (a worthy splurge that will turn almost anything elegant) and keep it in your freezer. Brush thawed pastry with some Dijon mustard, top with sauteed or roasted veggies, a sprinkle of cheese, ham cubes or chopped bacon, and some fresh herbs, then bake until golden. Serve with a salad (remember my 2014 Salad a Day resolution), and you’ve got a perfect Bean Night dinner.

5. Stretch Small Quantities of Meat Cut up a leftover pork chop, a few ounces of rotisserie chicken or a single sausage and bulk them up with less pricey ingredients to make a salad or pasta dish. (Use leftovers for topping my Winter Kale Salad or tossing with pasta, fresh herbs, lemon zest and olive oil.)

6. Serve Beans Yes, you can even serve beans for Bean Night. A classic go to would be a kettle of warming chili (see my blog post about winter comfort foods). But you could also make black bean burgers (check out the Black Bean Nacho Burgers in my cookbook for inspiration). You can even go old school and whip up some creamy herbed white beans (see my Sauteed White Beans). Serve them alongside some brown rice for a tasty take on rice and beans.

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Savannakhet probably was founded

Savannakhet (commonly abbreviated to ‘Savan’) and more officially known as ‘Kaysone Phomvihane’ (district name), is the capital of Savannakhet Province in Southern Laos and is located alongside the Mekong River. With an estimated population of 120,000 it is the second largest city of Laos. The small but blossoming tourist sector offers various eco trekking programs to the outskirts of town and to preserved forests and other places of interest in neighbouring districts (such as Champhone). The welcoming and generous character of the local people makes you easily feel part of the community. Although recently a large casino was established, Savannakhet has no touristic night life scene. Over the last two decades dinosaurs have become a theme of Savannakhet, with a Dinosaur Museum and decorations in the streets.

Savannakhet probably was founded in the 17th century by forty families who immigrated from Phonsim village around twenty km to the east. It is said that the settlement at the Mekong riverside was called Tahae village, and researchers assume that Buddhist Temple ‘Vat Xaiyaphoum’ is an important remainder of that era.

France expanded Indochina by obtaining the eastern bank of the Mekong after a border dispute in 1893. Initially the French used the Mekong river as the main street of transport. Soon afterwards a network of water transportation, post telecommunication facilities and a railway were completed. A road, connecting Savannakhet with Quang Tri (Vietnam), was also established. In the 1920s and 1930s Vietnamese and Chinese people started to settle in Savannakhet. Nowadays, the Chinese and Vietnamese still live in the same parts of the city, while other parts are still redolent of the French administration that was located at the Southern part of town.

Recently an important chapter was added to the history of Savannakhet, with the opening of the 1600 metre Lao Thai Friendship Bridge II in 2007. The bridge connects Savannakhet (and Vietnam) to Mukdahan (Thailand). Foreign investors and NGOs are considered to be crucial for the development of the town and province.

Get in[edit]Savannakhet has an airport. Lao Airlines is the only domestic carrier, and provides direct flights from and to Vientiane. Alternatively, Vientiane can be reached by flying via Pakse, a trip that takes two and half hours. One way to Vientiane costs around $US110, and round trips around double.

The only domestic direct flight is to Pakse. It leaves Savannakhet at 15:00 and arrives at 15:35 three days a week: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. At the same days there are flights from Pakse to Savannakhet, leaving 09:25 and arriving 10:00. As schedules might change suddenly it is recommended to contact Lao Airlines in advance.

On Wednesday, Friday louis vuitton mens and Sunday, Lao Airlines also offers direct flights from/to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, taking 2 hours and 20 minutes. Leaving Savannakhet at 10:40. Flights from Bangkok leave at 13:00. One way trip costs around US$115, with a round trip twice that.

There is bus service from Vientiane to Savannakhet. It is a 9 hour paved road bus ride. While a long journey, it click here is an excellent way to see the local villages and lush country side of Laos. Buses from Vientiane to Pakse, stop either in Savannakhet or Seno. There are two different types of buses that service the route from/to Vientiane:

Local Bus The public bus leaves Vientiane and Savannakhet throughout the morning, and make lots of stops to for both passengers and goods. Takes approximately 9 hours, costs 75,000 Kip one way. A genuine experience of Laos.

VIP Bus much like the local bus, but there are less stops, assigned seats, there is a toilet and all important air conditioning. Less frequent and costs more, but it’s worth it. The journey takes approximately louis vuitton womens 8 hours. There are two types of night buses: one with bunk beds (120,000 kip) and one with seats (110,000 kip). Each bunk bed accommodates two people it’s recommend to buy the space next to you if you are traveling alone or traveling in odd numbered groups as you will be sleeping next to a stranger in a twin sized bed.

There are also local buses from and to:

Thakhek (30,000 kip, 2 3 hours)

Si Phan Don (75,000 kip, 7 hours)

There are direct local buses from and to less traveled domestic destinations, such as Sekong (60,000 kip, 5 hours),louis vuitton mens wallets uk Salavan (via Pakse, 60,000 kip, 8 hours), Attapeu (70,000 kip, 10 hours) and Sepon (40,000 kip, 4 5 hours).

For locals, a tuk tuk to the bus station from the town centre costs 5,000 kip, for foreigners it’s more likely to cost between 10,000 and 15,000 kip.

The Savannakhet bus station is located 2 north of the old town centre (16.5752 104.7525). 50b for a tuk tuk rider into the city.

The Second Thai Lao Friendship Bridge across the Mekong to Mukdahan, Thailand opened to the public in January 2007. There is a regular bus service between Mukdahan and Savannakhet, with departures approximately twice an hour. A one way trip between Savannaket and Mukdahan costs 50 baht or 14,000 kip. If you have to obtain a tourist visa at the Laos immigration, ask the bus driver to wait as otherwise they won’t.

Daily buses make the five hour trip (35,000 kip) from / to the Lao Bao border in Vietnam via Sepon. Local bus 07:30am, 09:00 and 12:00.

VIP buses to Dong Ha in Vietnam go via Lao Bao, and are only available on weekdays at 10:00. The 350 km trip takes around seven hours and costs 90,000 Kip. Local buses leave every day at 10:00 80,000 kip) and take seven hours.

VIP buses to Hue (Vietnam) leave on weekdays only at 9am. The 410 km journey takes eight hours and costs 110,000 kip. Get information and your reservation at Savanbanhao hotel. The local daily bus to Hue (leaving 10:00, 90,000 kip) is not recommended as you need to wait at the border checkpoint from 03:00 until the checkpoints opens at 08:00, which will lead to insufficient night rest due to immigration officials, vendors and beggars trying to get your money. Tuk tuks are also available around the city and are an easy way to get quickly to a specific location. Be cautious about the fee for the tuk tuk, and always set the price in advance. Because the minor roads of the districts around Savannakhet are often badly paved, a reliable cheap motorbike for rent in Savannakhet town might be hard to find.

The Tourist Information office is located between the Mekong riverside and the ‘Plaza’, the central square of the French historical town. A must visit for those wishing to see the city/area. The office offers many different local walking tours as well as a wide variety of eco tours. They also have a comprehensive free map of the city (extremely important). The staff is attentive and speaks English well. Lin’s caf (100m north of the same Plaza) is connected to the Tourist Information and offers the same service.

That Ing Hang Stupa This 16th century stupa is one of the most revered in the country of Laos. Each year in December, many Buddhists travel to this holy site for the annual ‘Boun Pha’ ceremony. It is located 13 km north east of Savannakhet. There are two roads that lead to the stupa: the first one is the busy main road to Seno. Tuk Tuk rides should cost 70,000 kip for a round trip. Far more recommended is the alternative road through the green rural outskirts, passing the Beung Va lake, which is best experienced by bicycle or motorbike.

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If you’re looking for a place to retire

While it did not rank the cities, Forbes offered pros and cons.

In Atlanta’s favor were climate, low cost of living, an average home price of $96,000, volunteering opportunities and a “good tax situation.” The city, however, was knocked for its crime and below average air quality.

Savannah’s pros included low cost of living, favorable tax climate, good weather, a high number of physicians per capita and average home price of $137,000. Forbes, however, also cited the coastal city’s sluggish economy.

Would you recommend Atlanta as a place to retire?

You Tell THEM. folks whine whimper moan and groan no matter where they live. I am from Brooklyn, New York. Moved from Fayetteville Dead North Hollister UK Carolina. I moved to Atlanta in 1998 I am a Proud transplant and Love my Low cost brick ranch style home. I love it here.

You can keep my home city NYC with its high cost of everything. I expect soon they will charge folks for clean air because it sure aint none in NYC. DC sucks as well and so does Philly. cost of living too damn high and the winter Cheap Hollister weather up North is something I would not wish on my worst enemy and I have a few. Give me ATLANTA anyday where we experience ALL four seasons with Spring and Fall being the Best .

Those that hate it here MOVE and dont come back you wont be missed. Just as Tag said you will be just as unhappy there as you are here. You can say it isn so, but for those of us that have been here, we know Atlanta is in decline compared to its past. Crime decay are definitely contributors as is the huge influx of people that came here when our economy was booming. That whats made traffic so bad, and whats also changed the personality of Atlanta. You say urban, diverse cosmopolitan, I say we lost what we once had, a city large enough but not too large, a city populated by southerners native Atlantans who knew how to live with eachother. Mountain, Lithonia, south Dekalb, south Fulton, Henry Cty, etc which murdered very low foreclosures in Oak Grove, Lakeside, Emory, North Druid, out to Roswell, Buckhead, and Alpharetta. Look at a foreclosure map of Metro Atlanta 2010 to see where the foreclosure types are and the non foreclosure types are. Smart non foresclosures got hit bad. South Dekalb has one of the highest forecloure rates in the nation. Low cost of living compared to Butte, Montana or Hartford, CT?? Low cost of houses that why. One must factor in that Atlanta is one of the worst hit housing markets in the country, like south Chicago. It was a much friendlier, fun, safe, and enjoyable area in the day It was truly a marvelous place to live back then. As we seen the area grow and become more urban, the things that once made Atlanta special have eroded and many have disappeared. I still take it over virtually every other metro area in the country, but Atlanta is not what it once was. As far as retirement goes, I won stay here, but I won get too far away either!Report this comment

Atlanta home to the largest bank fraud/theft in our nation,home of the most bank failures, highest in id theft, last in school quality, political click here graft runs amouck with both parties and the world knows us as of Atlanta stay positive its only going to get better.

So lets go throw billions more at the problems with TSPLOST which will only create more of the above since its aide and not traffic relief.

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