Customized Training

Short term customized  “hands on” training sessions at your location or in my shop.  These sessions can be conducted on your time schedule. 

Hands-On Finishing

Your goal is to learn what it takes to create that beautiful finish you’ve been looking for on your projects.

You are confident with your wood working, I can help you gain more confidence with your wood finishing.

Together we can create a finishing system curriculum to accomplish your wood finishing goals with “hands on” finishing.

Applications for:

  1. Surface Preparation, hand and machine sanding
  2. Coloring wood using dyes, stains and dye stains
  3. How to choose and apply sealers and topcoats like shellac, lacquer, varnish, urethane and water base
  4. Advanced coloring techniques using glazes and toners
  5. Hand applied finishes (oils, French Polishing), brushing and spraying
  6. Rub out techniques to create sheen and a smooth texture

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Color Matching and Color Theory

I have a “hands on” system of teaching color theory that will take you through the process of making color matching on wood more understandable.

Color matching on wood can be rather simple or extremely challenging. Either way you have to understand how color works. Being able to create the exact color is going to require you to understand how to accurately blend colors together. Once you understand that you can learn how to layer color on top of color.

First goal: Using a one-step application using either a dye or stain applied directly to the wood, and then coat the color with a film forming finish.

If that one step process cannot create the color desired, it will require additional steps. Color theory becomes even more important because now you have to layer colors on top of each other. There are several techniques to accomplish color on color.

Layering colors allows you to create custom colors. It is also a valuable skill when having to correct a color that is already applied to the substrate or coating. Learn how to correct it without taking it off.  Faded colors are always in need of correcting.

Color matching includes matching sapwood to heartwood colors, making different species of wood blend together. There are times when just one piece of the project took color a different direction that the rest of the unit.

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The Art of Spot Repair & Touch-Up

It is not if damage will occur, it’s more about what to to when damage occurs.

With spot repair skills, you are able to repair nicks, dents and scratches in wood and wood coatings.

It also includes larger repairs such as crushed corners, missing pieces of veneer, damage done by your favorite pet, water rings, chemical spills, heat damage and a host of other types of damage.

There several materials to choose from to fill the void, each filler has its own level skill to accomplish.   Replacing color demands color knowledge. Color theory, color matching, and in-painting skills are needed to perform a salable repair.

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Getting Started in Furniture Restoration & Refinishing

Just getting started in furniture restoration and refinishing?  Mitch will get you started by showing you how to identify the different coatings on your furniture and how to vastly improve the appearance without stripping it off–less work with greater rewards.

Sometimes stripping furniture is inevitable so Mitch will discuss the best way to choose the correct stripper to safely remove the coating. Once the coating is removed students will be faced with what choices to make for coloring and re-coating this stripped piece of furniture.

Other areas of concern are re-gluing, color matching, how to replace missing veneer, and a variety of helpful tips to make furniture restoration and refinishing rewarding.

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Other topics?

My experience and expertise in wood finishing, restoration, and color matching allows for development of custom programs – tailored perfectly to meet your needs and build on your existing skills.